• Practitioner

  • Helmsley J. Park, Dipl, L.Ac is a board certified acupuncturist. His outstanding store of knowledge and techniques in Oriental Medicine enables him to accomplish a definite solution on each health issue.

    He is a different healer. As an integrative Oriental Medicine Practitioner, he analyzes the mechanisms behind the symptoms and seeks for proper identification of the underlying issues. He always pinpoints a dramatic impact that requires a professional knowledge and skills. His extensive training and experimental knowledge in evidence based holistic approaches gives his clients certainty and powerful results that everybody enjoys instant improvements plus long-term changes.

    He explains that it is essential and very important to locate, address the root cause of the problem while also providing immediate relief. Because the physical disorders are all related internally and externally.

    He also emphasizes that the best way of solving the health issues is to handle them by power of nature.

  • Helmsley J. Park, L.A.c.